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Level 1 Low Water Condition Statement

August 12, 2016

With below average rainfall over the last 4 months throughout much of our watersheds, our local Low Water Response Team has requested that Grey Sauble Conservation declare a “Level 1” low water condition under the Province`s low water response program.  The Team, consisting of representatives from water user groups, local and Provincal water managers, was brought together today to review the precipitation and stream flow data.  Although some areas received normal amounts of precipitation for July, most areas did not.

A Level 1 condition exists when precipitation for the last three month period falls below 80% of average or stream flow falls below 70% of the lowest average summer flow. At present, stream flows are not below 70% but they are dropping quickly. Precipitation has been consistently below the 80% threshold and is the main reason for the level 1 condition.

The Water Response Team is calling for a voluntary 10% reduction in water use throughout the watershed area until further notice. Non – essential use of water is being discouraged.

 The Team also noted that we lack on-line rain gauge data and are requesting residents to consider joining a volunteer rain reporting network.  The network is free to join.  Contact Grey Sauble CA for more details.

Continued dry weather could lead to an upgrading of the low water condition status to Level 2. Additional restrictions on water use may be necessary if this occurs.

The Authority will continue to monitor precipitation and streamflow and to report to the Water Response Team, as necessary, until low water level conditions no longer exists. Updates will be provided as conditions change.

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