Access trail closed to the base of INDIAN and INGLIS Falls

We remind everyone about the risks associated with unstable ice conditions and changes in watercourse flows as spring approaches. Climbing on waterfalls in any season is not a permitted
activity” states Chris Hachey, Lands Coordinator at Grey Sauble.

“This week’s warm weather – has started to deteriorate snow and ice strength. The ice has become unstable and water flows have started to increase”, explains Krista McKee, Community Relations Coordinator.

Visitors are reminded to stay on designated/marked trails and to stay alert for hidden dangers such as unstable ice, falling snow, cliff edges and changes to weather conditions.

BE responsible…. BE safe!

If you require further information, please contact me.

Krista McKee
Community Relations Coordinator
Grey Sauble Conservation
237897 Inglis Falls Road, R.R.#4
Owen Sound, Ont
519 376-3076 ext 224