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LiDAR Request

LiDAR Request

Please fill out the following form to request Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data that was flown in 2019 through a partnership between Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, Grey County and The Town of the Blue Mountains. The costs associated with this request are $250 per 1 kilometre tile for a package containing the LiDAR point cloud (LAS) file, digital elevation model file (DEM) with a cell size of 1 metre, 1 metre digital surface model (DSM), and half metre contour shapefile. To purchase the associated air photos the cost is an additional $50 per 1km tile."


To request data please determine the tile numbers using the following link: https://gdangerfield.carto.com/viz/9ba5bd6b-e399-4a42-925f-894de9f3ca28/public_map


Requests anywhere within the Town of the Blue Mountains should be directed to Stephanie Mcphie smcphie@thebluemountains.ca. and you can also find more information about the LiDAR data at the link below.

All information will be kept confidential and used only for this data request and the subsequent data sharing agreement

Do you agree to the above?

Intended use of data:

Please list the tile of interest below:

The tiles can be found at the following link: https://gdangerfield.carto.com/viz/9ba5bd6b-e399-4a42-925f-894de9f3ca28/public_map
Included Aerial Photography?
The associated aerial photography is an additional $50 tile.

Please provide any additional requests, questions or comments below:

Once the form is submitted, GSCA staff will follow up with you about data sharing agreements, payment and any other required information

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