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The goal of Grey Sauble Conservation’s Forest Management Program is to maintain healthy, diverse forest ecosystems which will provide many environmental, ecological, social and cultural benefits.  The harvest operation, identified in our Forest Management Plan, will involve the removal of diseased and defective trees in an effort to improve the health of the residual forest.  The trees to be removed are carefully selected based on their vigour and quality.  Trees are marked by Certified Tree Markers.

Wildlife habitat features such as stick nests, cavity trees and mast trees are retained to provide food and shelter for wildlife.  The results of forest stand improvements will be a healthy, diverse ecosystem that provides forest products, valuable wildlife habitat and safe recreational opportunities for the residents of our watershed.

Available Tenders: 

Wodehouse Management Area (Compartment 185) – Pine-Spruce Second Thinning Tender – GSC-21-01
Deadline: January 26, 2021 at 4:00pm

For inquiries, please contact Cam Bennett, Senior Forestry Technician at 519-376-3076 ext. 225. 


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